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Container delivery

We arrange delivery of your commodity by sea containers of any type. The delivery will be planned and executed according to most optimal route, taking into account place of loading, consolidation,(if necessary), reload (if necessary), unload, customs clearing and price of all these procedures. Our customer knows terms and prices of delivery in advance. We personally control every stage of cargo transportation. The cargo is always checked, packed and duly fastened. Delivery documents are prepared completely excluding delays in cargo transportation. Our starting points are most suitable ports and stations.

In other words, we know how to transport your cargo from China, USA and Russia to your satisfaction and most profitable for you.

Container types

We use various container types for cargo transportation. For each specific task ee use most suitable container. Most wide-spread are 20 and 40 feet containers.

20-feet container. The container is used for transportation of practically any cargo. It is made of metal and is dust and moisture-proof. Such container allows to transport up to 28 tons of cargo, with volume up to 31 cubic meters.

40-feet container. The container is also used for transportation of almost any cargo. It is made of metal and is dust and moisture-proof. Such container allows to transport up to 26 tons cargo with volume up to 67 cubic meters.

Other container types are also used, which have their peculiarities for special cargos. For example, cistern (tank container) is used for transportation of fluids, chemical products and gases; Ref-container is a refrigerator used for transportation of cargoes under declared temperature; as well as 20 and 40-feet containers with open cover or of increased height.


We work with operators directly (e.g., http://www.fesco.ru http://www.maerskline.com). That's why we offer our customers advantageous prices and fast provision of containers. A container will always be served to load at due place. We attend by container load to exclude any mistakes and mismatches. If necessary, we shall load and mark your cargo. If you need to send your cargo from different places in one container we shall provide cargo consolidation and shall unite it in a batch.


Container route is calculated and agreed before shipment. Our customer knows price and term of delivery in advance. In course of transportation the container is controlled by number.You always know, where it is. The container may be delivered by sea, train, car, we always choose an optimal variant.

Customs procedures

To export goods from one country and to import it to another, it is necessary to fulfill a number of procedures. We produce all necessary export and import documents for cargoes. More about it you can read in sections Customs clearing, Certification.

To learn about prices and delivery options of your batch in a container please contact us by any means you find convenient. Please have a look at Our contacts in section CONTACTS.