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Customs clearing

Customs clearing is necessary both for export and for import of any goods. This process includes the sequence of approvals and producing documents. Significant role in it plays preparatory stage, i.e. the stage before cargo shipment. The lack of preparation can lead to poor sequences – delay in shipment, long term customs inspections by entry, delays in transit, problems by customs clearing in place of destination, which may result in increased expenses, and in critical situation in entry restriction of your goods. We know how to avoid all the problems and delays and to organize logistics among with customs clearing optimally for our customer. To carry our customs clearing fast and with minimal payments we study customs statistics for specific kind of goods, produce necessary documents, offer various options of contacts to optimize your accounting for goods deliveries. We are physically present in export country of your cargo - in USA, China and Russia, and arrange by ourselves all the operations required for export customs clearing. We also perform customs formalities by import in these countries. We do not involve any intermediatеs in every stage. We use only reliable schemes.

In other words we have got reliable schemes of customs clearing goods. Using them we shall save you completely from communication with customs authorities and shall do our work fast, qualitative and transparent.

To get advice and calculation of customs payments for your cargo batch please contact us by any means you find convenient. Please see CONTACTS for details.