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Delivery by air

Use of cargo transportation by air is conditional on need of fast delivery. International aviation delivery is a complex of measures to be executed to transport cargo from one country to another. We shall plan and implement for you the fastest and most profitable air transportation from China, USA and Russia. By silicon of the route we take into account transportation costs and speed of delivery to the place of destination taking into account possible overloads. We organize transportation of any cargoes, including dangerous cargoes. We shall provide departure of your cargo in due time, excluding the possibility to stuck the cargo at the warehouse waiting for free route. We provide minimal air cargo rate for transprtation from China, USA and Russia. Ee shall arrange air cargo transportation by regular route, charter, cargo plane. You will receive full information about transportation in advance. Complete calculation of transportation and informational support will be provided. By cargo shipment we shall produce all attached documents, certificates, carry out export formalities, arrange passing of quarantine and phytosanitary control, as well as other necessary procedures. More about customs clearing and certification you can read in appropriate sections.

In other words, we offer both ready solutions for transportation of your cargoes from China, USA and Russia and we are ready to develop and implement new logistic processes to optimize this part of your business.

You can learn about price and variants of air transportation of your batch contacting us by any means you find convenient. Please see CONTACTS for details.